Letter from the Director

Dear Candidate,

I am honored to be the Executive Director of the Miss Houston Pageant. As a proud international titleholder, I clearly hold the world of pageants very dear to my heart. Indeed, it was the skills and social graces that I learned over my years of preparation, that opened doors and carried me successfully through the opportunities that I was given, in my life after the crown.

During my reign I became a national ambassador for mental health awareness while lending my support to recruit celebrities to talk about mental health. I would also speak with middle and high school students about bullying and how to improve any weaknesses for those who were victims of bullying. Competing in pageants helped me amplify my voice and I plan to provide resources and tools for Miss Houston contestants to broaden their platform as well.

I have traveled the United States and numerous countries as a keynote speaker on a variety of topics with the intent of providing fresh insight and inspiration to audiences of all ages. When I put the microphone down you can either find me on the runway or a photoshoot, scrapbooking, playing basketball, or spending time with my family.

My experience as a contestant, judge, and pageant coach paired with my Master’s Degree in psychiatry fuel my passion to impart more than pageantry to the contestants but to create a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

I have a team of powerhouse trendsetters to complete our formidable team. Together, we plan to lead the young women of Houston and the state of Texas by large, into a new era of pageantry. We will use this platform to educate, encourage and empower young women to be the best version of themselves in every area of life. We wish you all great success!

Welcome to the 2025 Miss Houston Pageant. Pageantry for the next generation…PAGEANTRY OF POWER!


Elise Banks-Lovely
President and Director
Miss Houston Pageant